A way to authorize or formally disapprove of certain behaviors.

The first, and perhaps most crucial, elements of culture we will discuss are its values and beliefs. Values are a culture’s standard for discerning what is good and just in society. Values are deeply embedded and critical for transmitting and teaching a culture’s beliefs. Beliefs are the tenets or convictions that people hold to be true. Individuals in a society have specific beliefs, but they also share collective values. To illustrate the difference, Americans commonly believe in the American Dream—that anyone who works hard enough will be successful and wealthy. Underlying this belief is the American value that wealth is good and important.

It is important to note that not all members of a culture will share the same beliefs. There are always people who go against the norm. This does not mean that a person is “bad” or “good.”  This just means that a person doesn’t fully accept the beliefs in a culture. For example, most people believe in the American Dream, but you may argue that some people work extremely hard and never reach that wealth. Therefore, you do not believe in the American Dream. However, the society as whole (or “in general”) holds this belief. The same holds for values. The U.S. culture may value personal space, but you believe that it is necessary to hug to truly get to know someone. Just because you are a hugger does not make you bad, it just makes you unique.

Values help shape a society by suggesting what is good and bad, beautiful and ugly, sought or avoided. Consider the value that the United States places upon youth. Children represent innocence and purity, while a youthful adult appearance signifies sexuality. Shaped by this value, individuals spend millions of dollars each year on cosmetic products and surgeries to look young and beautiful. The United States also has an individualistic culture, meaning people place a high value on individuality and independence. In contrast, many other cultures are collectivist, meaning the welfare of the group and group relationships are a primary value.

Living up to a culture’s values can be difficult. It’s easy to value good health, but it’s hard to quit smoking. Marital monogamy is valued, but many spouses engage in infidelity. Cultural diversity and equal opportunities for all people are valued in the United States, yet the country’s highest political offices have been dominated by white men.

Values often suggest how people should behave, but they don’t accurately reflect how people do behave. Values portray an ideal culture, the standards society would like to embrace and live up to. But ideal culture differs from real culture, the way society actually is, based on what occurs and exists. In an ideal culture, there would be no traffic accidents, murders, poverty, or racial tension. But in real culture, police officers, lawmakers, educators, and social workers constantly strive to prevent or repair those accidents, crimes, and injustices. American teenagers are encouraged to value celibacy. However, the number of unplanned pregnancies among teens reveals that not only is the ideal hard to live up to, but the value alone is not enough to spare teenagers the potential consequences of having sex.

One way societies strive to put values into action is through rewards, sanctions, and punishments. When people observe the norms of society and uphold its values, they are often rewarded. A boy who helps an elderly woman board a bus may receive a smile and a “thank you.” A business manager who raises profit margins may receive a quarterly bonus. People sanction certain behaviors by giving their support, approval, or permission, or by instilling formal actions of disapproval and nonsupport. Sanctions are a form of social control, a way to encourage conformity to cultural norms. Sometimes people conform to norms in anticipation or expectation of positive sanctions: good grades, for instance, may mean praise from parents and teachers. From a criminal justice perspective, properly used social control is also inexpensive crime control. Utilizing social control approaches pushes most people to conform to societal rules, regardless of whether authority figures (such as law enforcement) are present.

When people go against a society’s values, they are punished. A boy who shoves an elderly woman aside to board the bus first may receive frowns or even a scolding from other passengers. A business manager who drives away customers will likely be fired. Breaking norms and rejecting values can lead to cultural sanctions such as earning a negative label—lazy, no-good bum—or to legal sanctions, such as traffic tickets, fines, or imprisonment.

A way to authorize or formally disapprove of certain behaviors.
In many parts of Africa and the Middle East, it is considered normal for men to hold hands in friendship. How would Americans react to these two soldiers? [“Soldiers Holding Hands.jpg” by Geordie Mott, Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY 2.0]

Values are not static; they vary across time and between groups as people evaluate, debate, and change collective societal beliefs. Values also vary from culture to culture. For example, cultures differ in their values about what kinds of physical closeness are appropriate in public. It’s rare to see two male friends or coworkers holding hands in the United States where that behavior often symbolizes romantic feelings. But in many nations, masculine physical intimacy is considered natural in public. This difference in cultural values came to light when people reacted to photos of former president George W. Bush holding hands with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in 2005. A simple gesture, such as hand-holding, carries great symbolic differences across cultures.


1. The existence of social norms, both formal and informal, is one of the main things that inform ___________, otherwise known as a way to encourage social conformity.

What is casual behaviors that are generally and widely conformed to?

There are plenty of formal norms, but the list of informal norms —casual behaviors that are generally and widely conformed to—is longer. People learn informal norms by observation, imitation, and general socialization.

Which term is defined by the deliberate imposition of one's own cultural values and another culture?

Cultural Imperialism | the deliberate imposition of one's own cultural values on another culture. Cultural Relativism | the practice of assessing a culture by its own standards, and not in comparison to another culture. Cultural Universals | patterns or traits that are globally common to all societies.

Which term is defined as the practice of evaluating another culture according to the standards of one's own culture?

Such attitudes are an example of ethnocentrism , or evaluating and judging another culture based on how it compares to one's own cultural norms. Ethnocentrism, as sociologist William Graham Sumner (1906) described the term, involves a belief or attitude that one's own culture is better than all others.

Which term is defined as the ideas attitudes and beliefs of a society?

Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and ...

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Hoa chưng Tết là điều không thể thiếu trong mỗi gia đình dịp đoàn viên. Tuy nhiên, lưu ý việc chọn và chưng hoa sao cho hợp phong thủy cũng khá quan trọng. 20 loài hoa mang ý nghĩa tốt đẹp may mắn dưới đây sẽ là những lựa chọn tốt nhất để khởi đầu một năm mới hoàn hảo. Ý nghĩa các loài hoa chưng Tết 1. Hoa mai Hoa mai là loài hoa phổ biến trong miền Nam và không thể thiếu vào

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